Wednesday, October 27, 2010


While I was in NYC attending FIT I was lucky to land an amazing shop girl gig at a store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I am going to date myself her by saying it was the first clothing shop in Billyburg. The owner was a woman named Seema, who designed and sewed most of the clothing in the shop. (sound familiar?) I worked a few hours a week in the shop and a few in her house cutting out her designs while she sewed them. As you can tell she was a great influence to me. I ended up owning the shop but that is a whole other story! Well, Seema is now the designer of a label called LiaMolly. I am totally obsessed with the children's line she creates for Anthropologie. How amazing are these designs?????


  1. LOVE Lia little one has one of her coats we got from Anthro. I don't want her to ever grow out of it and have contimplated how I can repurpose it once she does b/c it's like art!

  2. would be cool if you can have it made into a skirt!



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