Monday, July 21, 2014

Spark up the Sparkle Curtains

Helpful hints so you don't have a mylar curtain meltdown: 
1. When unrolling the curtains remember they are fragile and rip so quickly! Handle carefully!
2. Give yourself more time than you think necessary for hanging, I thought 15 minutes - easy, nbd. was an hour to get six of these bad boys up. 
3. Definitely have stronger tape like duct to tape over the top for reinforcement. They come with a built in little strip but that is for the party that has invited guests who don't like to grab fringey, streaming, shiny things.
4. Take down after your party even if you start to convince yourself that it's an art installation and why not make them permanent and who cares that they blind the neighbors when the sun hits them...because the streamers start to rip off and then they get tangled in your plants and into your gutters, and it is no bueno! 

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