Monday, September 29, 2014

Hansel & Gretel at Gepetto's Marionette Theatre!

I was looking on Dallas Child's calendar for some sort of apple picking, cider drinking, pumpkin sitting, annoying mom picture taking opportunity that just screamed "It's Fall!" And I came across the dates for a Puppet Show and I looked it up and low and behold Dallas has a PUPPET THEATRE! Who knew about this? I did not and it is awesome. Seriously awesome. It feels like a mini-Epcot-Germany thing down there in the basement of the Hilton Anatole and the puppet show was funny and cute and magical. I can't wait to go to their Winter Wonderland show in December. The last pic above was of the little bean and I and she was unsure if the witch had really been taking care of and kept thinking she was going to jump back out of the oven...

//Gepetto's Marionette Theatre//

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